Crowdfunding: P2P Lending Sites

An interesting academic literature is emerging around the phenomenon of crowdfunding, much of it focused on the particular mechanism of P2P lending. Here is a list of crowd-lending sites collected by the TOTO project at University College Cork.

If you see any mistakes or any glaring omissions, leave a comment for us below.

  1. Baby Loan (FR)
  2. Cashare (CH)
  3. Communitae (ES)
  4. Funding Circle (UK)
  5. Funding Knight (UK)
  6. Ise Pankur (EE)
  7. Lainaaja (FI)
  8. Lending Club (US)
  9. Peer Form (US)
  10. PrĂȘt-D”union (FR)
  11. Prosper (US)
  12. Rate Setter (UK)
  13. Spear (FR)
  14. Thin Cats (UK)
  15. Zopa (UK)
  16. Vittana (US)
  17. Yes-Secure (UK)
  18. Zimple Money (US)